Virtual Private Networks

Does your company have several HQs and you need to connect their systems and applications securely?

Do your workers need to travel or work outside the company offices? At home, for example. Or at the train station or airport, on the way to a meeting?

¿Qué es la VPN? Una VPN (Virtual Private Network, Red privada Virtual en sus siglas en inglés), le permite tus empleados establecer una conexión segura entre su ordenador (o tablet/móvil) y las aplicaciones y recursos empresariales. Es una conexión segura, incluso cuando se está usando una Wi-Fi pública (estación de tren, transporte público, biblioteca, aeropuerto, etc.).

Another great advantage is that the VPN server can verify the authenticity of the users.

Do you think the VPN is for you? Let's see it together, I help you decide:

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