Virtual CTO

The main role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is to manage and address the technical matters of the company, which include research, development and implementation of new technologies, aligning the technology with the mission and vision of the company in order to provide the best service to customers.

The position of a CTO is key, especially if the activity of the company is related to technology, but not every company can afford to have one, taking into account that the salaries of a good CTO are between 80 and 150 thousand euros gross per year.

¿Y si te digo que hay una opción? ¿Qué tal un «CTO por horas»? Cuentas con esta figura clave para ayudarte a tomar las decisiones estratégicas, acompañarte a las reuniones con tus clientes y sobre todo con tus proveedores, para así poder escoger la tecnología o proveedor que está mejor alineado con la visión y valores de tu compañía.

I can also help you build your IT team, accompanying you in interviews and helping you make the right decisions regarding technical personnel.

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